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TODO list

  • Refactor and edit chapter 1.
  • Refactor and edit chapter 2.
  • Split code inside chapter 02 by section.
  • Use goroutines to break simple encryption.
  • Encryption/Decryption chapter.
  • Encoding/Decoding chapter.
  • Byte manipulation chapter.
    • bytes.Buffer or better the bytes package.
  • Add fmt.scan examples to 02.5.
  • Add error handling to 02.4.
  • Add raw strings to 02.1.
  • Add defer example to the end of 02.2.
  • Create a wav file parser as an example of format RE and parsing with Go.
  • Adapt the two blog posts about Go-Fuzz into tutorials here.
  • Write an lnk parser.


Ranked by priority DESC:

  1. Black Hat Python
  2. Automate the Boring Stuff with Python
  3. Gray Hat C#
  4. Violent Python
  5. Gray Hat Python
  6. Effective Python Penetration Testing
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