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Printable ASCII-Hex
Reading ASCII-Hex, the lazy way!

Reading ASCII-Hex is easy. When you see a bunch of hex bytes, you can usually figure out if it's text or not by dropping them into a decoder. However, there are things you can memorize to save you a few seconds. Here's what I have learned:

  • Printable ASCII-Hex characters start from 0x20 (space) and end at 0x7F.
  • 0x3N is a number with N being the number. For example, 0x30 is 0 and 0x39 is 9.
  • Capital letters start from 0x41 (A) to 0x61 (Z).
  • Add 0x20 to a capital letter to get the small one. E.g. 0x41 (A) + 0x20 = 0x61 (a).

Here's an ASCII table that I have to Google all the time:

{{< imgcap title="ASCII-Hex from" src="" >}}

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