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Sunset Notice

The intero project has reached sunset status and will no longer be supported. As such, this plugin will also be in sunset mode.

The GHCi mode is still useful from this plugin. I would suggest someone forking this repository, removing intero specific code, and releasing it as a new plugin.

Intero for Neovim

Build Status

A complete interactive development program for Haskell

Intero makes working with Haskell painless by harnessing the power of the GHCi REPL. Intero was originally built alongside an Emacs package. This plugin ports much of the Emacs plugin functionality into a package for Neovim.

Intero for Neovim asciicast

Some key features:

  • Designed for Stack

    Intero requires Stack. If your project works with Stack, it almost definitely works with Intero.

  • Automatic Setup

    intero-neovim takes care of installing Intero into your Stack environment. The installation is local (not global!). This means that Intero is always current for each of your projects. The goal of Intero is to Just Work™.

  • Bring Your Own GHCi

    You can configure the plugin to use a custom backend, e.g. cabal repl or plain ghci, instead of the default Intero backend. Newer features are enabled based on the GHCi version.

  • On-the-fly Typechecking

    Intero reports errors and warnings as you work on your file using the Neomake plugin. Errors appear asynchronously, and don't block the UI.

  • Built-in REPL

    Work with your Haskell code directly in GHCi using Neovim :terminal buffers. Load your file and play around with top-level functions directly.

  • Type Information

    You can ask for type information of the identifier under your cursor as well as of a selection. Intero makes an effort to remember type information even when the module no longer typechecks.

  • Jump to Definition

    After a module has been loaded by Intero, you can jump to the defintion of any identifiers within your package. If the identifier comes from a different package, Intero will tell you which package the identifier comes from.

  • Easy Target Switching

    Intero makes working with multiple stack targets simple. Jump between your app and test suite seamlessly.


This plugin is compatible with pathogen, vim-plug, etc. For example:

Plug 'parsonsmatt/intero-neovim'

This plugin requires Stack. Optionally, install Neomake for error reporting.


The goal of Intero is to Just Work™. Most of the hard work is done behind the scenes. Intero will set itself up automatically when you open a Haskell file.

  • To open the REPL:
    • :InteroOpen
  • To load into the REPL:
    • :InteroLoadCurrentFile
  • To reload whatever's in the REPL:
    • :InteroReload
  • To get the type of the current identifier or selection:
    • in your vimrc: map <silent> <leader>t <Plug>InteroGenericType
    • then: press <leader>t
  • To jump to a definition:
    • first :InteroLoadCurrentFile
    • then :InteroGoToDef.
  • To switch targets:
    • :InteroSetTargets


Complete usage and configuration information can be found in here:

:help intero

Example Configuration

These are some suggested settings. This plugin sets up no keybindings by default.

augroup interoMaps
  " Maps for intero. Restrict to Haskell buffers so the bindings don't collide.

  " Background process and window management
  au FileType haskell nnoremap <silent> <leader>is :InteroStart<CR>
  au FileType haskell nnoremap <silent> <leader>ik :InteroKill<CR>

  " Open intero/GHCi split horizontally
  au FileType haskell nnoremap <silent> <leader>io :InteroOpen<CR>
  " Open intero/GHCi split vertically
  au FileType haskell nnoremap <silent> <leader>iov :InteroOpen<CR><C-W>H
  au FileType haskell nnoremap <silent> <leader>ih :InteroHide<CR>

  " Reloading (pick one)
  " Automatically reload on save
  au BufWritePost *.hs InteroReload
  " Manually save and reload
  au FileType haskell nnoremap <silent> <leader>wr :w \| :InteroReload<CR>

  " Load individual modules
  au FileType haskell nnoremap <silent> <leader>il :InteroLoadCurrentModule<CR>
  au FileType haskell nnoremap <silent> <leader>if :InteroLoadCurrentFile<CR>

  " Type-related information
  " Heads up! These next two differ from the rest.
  au FileType haskell map <silent> <leader>t <Plug>InteroGenericType
  au FileType haskell map <silent> <leader>T <Plug>InteroType
  au FileType haskell nnoremap <silent> <leader>it :InteroTypeInsert<CR>

  " Navigation
  au FileType haskell nnoremap <silent> <leader>jd :InteroGoToDef<CR>

  " Managing targets
  " Prompts you to enter targets (no silent):
  au FileType haskell nnoremap <leader>ist :InteroSetTargets<SPACE>
augroup END

" Intero starts automatically. Set this if you'd like to prevent that.
let g:intero_start_immediately = 0

" Enable type information on hover (when holding cursor at point for ~1 second).
let g:intero_type_on_hover = 1

" Change the intero window size; default is 10.
let g:intero_window_size = 15

" Sets the intero window to split vertically; default is horizontal
let g:intero_vertical_split = 1

" OPTIONAL: Make the update time shorter, so the type info will trigger faster.
set updatetime=1000

Using a Custom Backend

The default Intero backend can be overriden, so that you can use this plugin without Stack and Intero. The following configuration uses cabal new-repl, and specifies a cwd for a sub-directory project:

let g:intero_backend = {
        \ 'command': 'cabal new-repl',
        \ 'options': '-Wall',
        \ 'cwd': expand('%:p:h'),

Such configuration can be set per-project using a local .nvimrc file, or in your init file for a system-wide effect.

NOTE: If g:intero_backend is set, g:intero_ghci_options and g:intero_load_targets have no effect.


  • Running :Neomake! directly will not work. You need to run :InteroReload instead.

  • Some commands may have unexpected side-effects if you have an autocommand that automatically switches to insert mode when entering a terminal buffer.

  • Completion is not handled by this plugin. You might want to checkout out neco-ghc if you want completion.


BSD3 License, the same license as ghcmod-vim.