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Latest commit 5561d4d @coke coke Fixes #4 (bitrot)
Originally broken by parrot/parrot@56f0d98

This commit reorders things so we don't specifically rely on the parrot
exception type for an error, which allows us to catch both the tcl-style
CONTROL_ERROR, and the new parrot default, EXCEPTION_DIE
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config avoid mixed-case HLLs.
dynext gitignore more generated files
examples remove commented out code and simplify
lib Remove svn-style Id keys.
library Add opt from the standard library, and let [package require opt] work.
log PerlJam++ suggests using the .gitignore file for this
runtime Fixes #4 (bitrot)
src address bitrot (#4)
t Un todo these tests that bacek++ got working again.
tools Remove svn-style Id keys.
.gitignore gitignore more generated files
CREDITS Remove svn-style Id keys. Change diagnostic message to be more user-friendly
LICENSE Update LICENSE file with the PaFo copyright data.
README Clarify "partcl is not dead".


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Source code at:

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How to run tcl at:

Running the test suite:

Isn't partcl dead?
  While any new development will happen on partcl-nqp, partcl still
  has more functionality, and is maintained to build on the latest release
  of parrot. It will eventually be retired when partcl-nqp surpasses it at
  the official tcl test suite.
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