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coke Fixes #4 (bitrot)
Originally broken by parrot/parrot@56f0d98

This commit reorders things so we don't specifically rely on the parrot
exception type for an error, which allows us to catch both the tcl-style
CONTROL_ERROR, and the new parrot default, EXCEPTION_DIE
Latest commit 5561d4d Jan 26, 2012
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docs another high water mark. Oct 30, 2009
dynext gitignore more generated files Aug 5, 2009
examples remove commented out code and simplify Oct 9, 2008
library Add opt from the standard library, and let [package require opt] work. Sep 3, 2009
log PerlJam++ suggests using the .gitignore file for this Aug 4, 2009
runtime Fixes #4 (bitrot) Jan 26, 2012
src address bitrot (#4) Jan 26, 2012
t Un todo these tests that bacek++ got working again. Mar 3, 2011
tools Remove svn-style Id keys. Nov 4, 2009
.gitignore gitignore more generated files Aug 5, 2009
LICENSE Update LICENSE file with the PaFo copyright data. Oct 1, 2009


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Isn't partcl dead?
  While any new development will happen on partcl-nqp, partcl still
  has more functionality, and is maintained to build on the latest release
  of parrot. It will eventually be retired when partcl-nqp surpasses it at
  the official tcl test suite.