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# Copyright (C) 2005-2007, The Parrot Foundation.
# the following lines re-execute this as a tcl script
# the \ at the end of these lines makes them a comment in tcl \
use lib qw(lib); #\
use Tcl::Test; #\
source lib/test_more.tcl
plan 29
ok [string match {b?n*a} banana]
ok [string match {b?n*a} bznza]
ok [string match {b?n*a} bana]
not_ok [string match {b?n*a} bnan]
ok [string match {b\?n*a} b?nana]
not_ok [string match {b\?n*a} banana]
ok [string match {b?n\*a} ban*a]
not_ok [string match {b?n\*a} banana]
ok [string match {?n?*} bnan]
ok [string match {?n?*} ana]
not_ok [string match {?n?*} an]
# character classes
ok [string match {[ab]*} apple] ""
ok [string match {[ab]*} boot] ""
ok [string match {[ab]*} a] ""
not_ok [string match {[ab]*} ring] ""
ok [string match {[0-9]} 0] ""
ok [string match {[0-9]} 5] ""
ok [string match {[0-9]} 9] ""
not_ok [string match {[0-9]} a] ""
not_ok [string match {[^d-f]} z] ""
not_ok [string match {[^d-f]} c] ""
not_ok [string match {[!d-f]} g] ""
ok [string match {[!d-f]} d] ""
ok [string match {[^d-f]} e] ""
ok [string match {[^d-f]} f] ""
# braces should be literal
ok [string match {{az,bz}} "{az,bz}"] ""
not_ok [string match {{az,bz}} "bz"] ""
ok [string match {[a-z]{5}} "b{5}"] ""
not_ok [string match {[a-z]{5}} "bbbbb"] ""
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