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# Copyright (C) 2005-2008, The Parrot Foundation.
# the following lines re-execute this as a tcl script
# the \ at the end of these lines makes them a comment in tcl \
use lib qw(lib); # \
use Tcl::Test; #\
source lib/test_more.tcl
plan 45
eval_is {namespace} \
{wrong # args: should be "namespace subcommand ?arg ...?"} \
{namespace: no args}
eval_is {namespace asdf} \
{bad option "asdf": must be children, code, current, delete, ensemble, eval, exists, export, forget, import, inscope, origin, parent, path, qualifiers, tail, unknown, upvar, or which} \
{namespace: bad subcommand}
eval_is {namespace children a b c} \
{wrong # args: should be "namespace children ?name? ?pattern?"} \
{namespace children: too many args}
eval_is {namespace children what?} \
{namespace "what?" not found in "::"} \
{namespace children: unknown namespace} \
{TODO {new behavior in 8.5.1}}
is [namespace children] {::tcl} {namespace children: no args}
is [namespace children ::] {::tcl} {namespace children: ::}
is [namespace children :: *c*] {::tcl} {namespace children: matched pattern}
is [namespace children :: a] {} {namespace children: unmatched pattern}
namespace eval bob {}
namespace eval Bob {}
namespace eval audreyt { namespace eval Matt {} }
is [lsort [namespace children ::]] {::Bob ::audreyt ::bob ::tcl} \
{namespace children}
is [namespace children ::audreyt] ::audreyt::Matt {namespace chlidren: nested}
is [namespace eval ::audreyt {namespace children}] ::audreyt::Matt \
{namespace children in namespace eval}
eval_is {namespace qualifiers} \
{wrong # args: should be "namespace qualifiers string"} \
{namespace qualifiers: no args}
eval_is {namespace qualifiers string string} \
{wrong # args: should be "namespace qualifiers string"} \
{namespace qualifiers: too many args}
is [namespace qualifiers ::a::b::c] ::a::b {namespace qualifiers: simple}
is [namespace qualifiers :::a:::b::c] :::a:::b {namespace qualifiers: extra colons}
eval_is {namespace tail} \
{wrong # args: should be "namespace tail string"} \
{namespace tail: no args}
eval_is {namespace tail string string} \
{wrong # args: should be "namespace tail string"} \
{namespace tail: too many args}
is [namespace tail ::] {} {namespace tail: main}
is [namespace tail {}] {} {namespace tail: empty}
is [namespace tail ::foo::bar::baz] baz {namespace tail: simple}
is [namespace tail :::foo:::bar:::baz] baz {namespace tail: extra colons}
eval_is {namespace exists} \
{wrong # args: should be "namespace exists name"} \
{namespace exists: no args}
eval_is {namespace exists a a} \
{wrong # args: should be "namespace exists name"} \
{namespace exists: too many args}
eval_is {namespace exists a} 0 {namespace exists: failure} {TODO {broken in r30286}}
is [namespace exists {}] 1 {namespace exists: global implicit}
is [namespace exists ::] 1 {namespace exists: global explicit}
eval_is {namespace eval foo} \
{wrong # args: should be "namespace eval name arg ?arg...?"} \
{namespace eval: too few args}
namespace eval foo {
proc bar {} {return ok}
namespace eval bar {
proc baz {} {return ok}
is [namespace exists foo] 1 {namespace eval foo: namespace exists}
is [foo::bar] ok {namespace eval foo: proc}
is [foo::bar::baz] ok {namespace eval foo: namespace eval bar: proc}
is [namespace eval foo {set a ok; set a}] ok {namespace eval: return value}
is [namespace eval {} {set a ok; set a}] ok {namespace eval: implicit global}
proc alias {one two} {
namespace eval {} [list upvar 0 $one $two]
set foo ok
alias foo bar
is [set bar] ok {namespace eval + proc + upvar}
eval_is {namespace delete monkeypants} \
{unknown namespace "monkeypants" in namespace delete command} \
{don't silently fail on invalid namespaces}
namespace delete foo
eval_is {namespace exists foo} 0 {namespace delete} {TODO {broken in r30286}}
eval_is {namespace current foo} \
{wrong # args: should be "namespace current"} \
{namespace current: too many args}
is [namespace current] :: {namespace current: global}
is [namespace eval foo {namespace current}] ::foo {namespace current: ::foo}
eval_is {namespace parent foo bar} \
{wrong # args: should be "namespace parent ?name?"} \
{namespace parent: too many args}
is [namespace parent ""] {} {namespace parent: ::}
is [namespace parent foo] :: {namespace parent: ::foo (explicit)}
is [namespace eval foo {namespace parent}] :: {namespace parent: ::foo (implicit)}
namespace eval perl6 {
proc passthrough {val} {
return $val
proc pi {} {
passthrough 3
is [perl6::pi] 3 \
{do procs in namespace default to that namespace when looking for commands?}
namespace eval perl6 {
namespace export pi
namespace import perl6::pi
eval_is {pi} 3 {simple import test}
eval_is {
namespace which -command incr
} {::incr} {simple namespace which}
# we can't do this test until all the file commands work
# ([file delete] in particular)
#set file [open tmp.tcl w]
#puts $file {proc okay {} {return okay}}
#close $file
#namespace eval foo { source tmp.tcl }
#is [foo::okay] okay {namespace + source}
#file delete tmp.tcl
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