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# Copyright (C) 2006-2008, The Parrot Foundation.
# the following lines re-execute this as a tcl script
# the \ at the end of these lines makes them a comment in tcl \
use lib qw(lib); # \
use Tcl::Test; #\
source lib/test_more.tcl
plan 35
# no effect in braces
is {a\n} {a\n} {in braces}
is \n \x0a {newline}
is \t \x09 {tab}
is \b \x08 {backspace}
is \f \x0c {formfeed}
is \r \x0d (carriage return)
is \v \x0b {vertical tab}
is \\ \x5c {backslash}
is \q q {non-special char}
is "a\
b" "a b" {backslash/newline subst}
# octal
is \7 \x07 {octal single}
is \79 [join {"\x07" 9} ""] {octal single extra}
is \12 \x0a {octal double}
is \129 [join {"\x0a" 9} ""] {octal double extra}
is \123 S {octal triple}
is \1234 S4 {octal triple extra}
is \xq xq {hex single invalid}
is \x7 \7 {hex single}
is \x7q [join {"\7" q} ""] {hex single, extra}
is \x6a j {hex double}
is \x6aq jq {hex double, extra}
is \xb6a j {hex triple, skip ok?}
is \xb6aq jq {hex triple, extra}
is \xaaaaaaaaaaab6a j {hex many}
is \xaaaaaaaaaaab6aq jq {hex many, extra}
is \uq uq {unicode single invalid}
is \u7 \7 {unicode single}
is \u7q [join "\7 q" ""] {unicode single, extra}
is \u6a j {unicode double}
is \u6aq jq {unicode double, extra}
# expected values are in utf8 encoding.
# the check for 3/4 digit unicode reps convert between upper and lower
# to insure we parsed it properly.
is \u39b [string toupper \u3bb] {unicode three}
is \u39bq [join {"\u39b" q} ""] {unicode three, extra}
is \u0453 [string tolower \u0403] {unicode four}
is \u0453q [join {"\u0453" q} ""] {unicode four,extra}
is \\\a\007\xaaaa07\u0007\uq \
[join {"\x5c" "\7" "\7" "\7" "\7" u q} ""] {multiple per word}
# Local Variables:
# mode: cperl
# cperl-indent-level: 4
# fill-column: 100
# End:
# vim: expandtab shiftwidth=4:
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