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# Copyright (C) 2006-2007, The Parrot Foundation.
# the following lines re-execute this as a tcl script
# the \ at the end of these lines makes them a comment in tcl \
use lib qw(lib); #\
use Tcl::Test; #\
source lib/test_more.tcl
plan 7
eval_is {split} \
{wrong # args: should be "split string ?splitChars?"} \
{split too few args}
eval_is {split a b c} \
{wrong # args: should be "split string ?splitChars?"} \
{split too many args}
is [lindex [split {that is fun}] 2] fun {split default}
is [split {Modern Major General} {}] \
{M o d e r n { } M a j o r { } G e n e r a l} \
{split empty string}
is [split {perl.perl6.language} .] \
{perl perl6 language} {split single char}
is [split {perl.perl6.language} glop] \
{{} er . er 6. an ua e} {split multi char}
is [split {perl.perl6.language} z] {perl.perl6.language} {split and a miss}
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