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Dabble Me

A private journal over email service.

Dabble Me helps people remember what's happened in their life. Use it as a light-weight journal on a daily, weekly, or even monthly's up to you! Dabble Me will email you on a time & days you choose - you simply reply to the email to post entries. The app is live at This is a great replacement if you had ever used OhLife.

This app utilizes the following 3rd party services:

  • CloudFlare managed DNS + free SSL support (free for basic service)
  • Mailgun for Sending & Receiving Email (free for 50k emails per month)
  • Amazon S3 for Photo Uploads & Storage (free for 1 year)
  • MailChimp for sending updates to all users (free for 2,000 subscribers)
  • Google Analytics for traffic stats (free for standard analytics)
  • Recaptcha to prevent bot signups (free)
  • Clarafai to analyze images for legality (free up to 5,000/mo)

I recommend forking and setting up a server at Heroku. You can generate a free SSL certificate at StartSSL.

You will need to setup Mailgun to receive incoming emails and point them to your app to parse.

In order to turn on scheduled emails in Heroku, you'll need to add an hourly job using the Heroku Scheduler.

rake entry:send_hourly_entries

Your local environment variables at config/local_env.yml (and on Heroku) will need to be something like this (rake db:seed will create the admin@dabble.ex account for you):

SECRET_KEY_BASE: 1234..1234
MAILCHIMP_API_KEY: f....3333-ek3
ADMIN_EMAILS: admin@dabble.ex,
RECAPTCHA_SITE_KEY: 6Lc6BAAAAAAAAChqRbQZcn_yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
CLARIFAI_V2_API_KEY: asdl2k34jl2kn1l2hn234
CLARIFAI_V2_NSFW_MODEL: asdflkj23498oihlj2n34kn23

###Things you may want to rip out

If you want to bypass using Mailchimp to collect email addresses, simply don't put a value in for MAILCHIMP_API_KEY. I use Mailchimp to email out new features to the users at, so if you're the only one using your app it doesn't make sense to have Mailchimp.

Same for Recaptcha and Clarafai: simply don't add an environment variables for RECAPTCHA_SITE_KEY, CLARIFAI_V2_API_KEY.


There is healthy coverage of the app, which you can run with:


###Administration Portal

The Admin emails are accounts that have access to the Admin Dropdown in the navbar (lock icon) that give you details into the number of entries and users in the system.

###Inspirations and OhLife Importer

If you want random bits of inspiration, you can load up different quotes in the Inspiration table to be shown above the New Posts page and at the bottom of emails. If you plan on using OhLife, the system will tag imported posts with inspiration_id of 1 - so create the first Inspiration with a category name of "OhLife".

Inspiration.create(category: 'OhLife', body: 'Imported from OhLife')


Current features:

  • Read past entries by month/year
  • Create new entries with simple formatting
  • OhLife Importer
  • Email: Reply-to-post new entries on days of the week you choose (with random past entries embedded)
  • Associate 1 image to a specific entry
  • Search with basic analytics around posting
  • Hashtag support for tagging your entries
  • Year in Review