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This project is depreciated. It has been replaced by the far more useful, customizable, and managable Weave.

The codebase for Trailer is simply too confusing and complicated to fix. I didn't fully realize how complicated all my goals were to actually bring to life. I've spent a lot of time over the past two years thinking about what I really want out of my web servers, and I think I've laid some great ground work. There's still a lot of work to do, it doesn't quite work yet (trust me, it's really close!), but in the long run I feel the investment to start from scratch and completely rewrite Trailer in it's newly reincarnated form is worth it. Weave could possibly be a star in the future of Node.js web app deployment.


Obviously, you can still use Trailer. It's a fully functional server, but Weave is far more stable, configurable, and is currently receiving updates, where as Trailer is not. No one is providing support for Trailer. Please use Weave instead.


Trailer is an HTTPD server written for node.

It's definitely usable, but far from stable. Be prepared for it to crash regularly, fail often, and all that other stuff beta software does.

To learn how to use it, feel free to look at the documentantion and examples. c:

Trailer is open source and distributed under the MIT license.