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A lightweight zip archive reader
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A lightweight package for reading .zip files written in TypeScript.

Alternatives that exist (such as JSZip) feel overly heavy for certain use cases. Unzzz strives to be compact, fast, and light on dependencies for installs by only focusing on the unzipping of files, rather than trying to be a swiss army knife. It tries to be very safe, accurate and validates everything possible to prevent bad things from happening if you're using a corrupted or invalid file.

For the sake of being lightweight, it only supports DEFLATE compression by default. The good news is that the vast majority of zip files use DEFLATE compression, and unzzz is extensible. Adding support for additional compression methods just takes a few lines of code. Details can be found in the documentation.


yarn add unzzz

You should use Yarn and pnp.


import unzzz from 'unzzz';

unzzz( pathToArchive )
  .then( archive => {
    // Iterate over all the files in the archive
    for ( const each in archive.files ) {
      // Retrieve a decompressed buffer of the file
      archive.unzipBuffer( each )
        .then( buffer => console.log( buffer ) );

    // Pull out specific files and save the uncompressed files to storage
    archive.unzipFile( 'dir/filename.ext', destination );

Notice: When using CommonJS to import this module, you will need to import the "default" property. This is not necessary when using a tool like TypeScript, Webpack, Parcel, or Rollup.

const unzzz = require( 'unzzz' ).default;
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