An UITreeView implementation from UITableView that Apple missed in its UIKit framework. And it is in pure Swift.
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Swift 3.0 iOS License Apache PerfectlySoft Twitter

An UITreeView implementation from UITableView that Apple missed in its UIKit framework. And it is in pure Swift.

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Created by Partho Biswas (@ParthoBiswas007)

What's in it

  • An UITreeView implementation from UITableView.
  • An iOS application showing it's implementation and usage.




iOS 8.0+ / Swift 3.0+

Setup and Usage

This PBTreeView has been drawn over UITableView. Every row/node of the TreeView represents a UITableViewCell with a custom object.

Step 1:

  • First you need to arrange some datasource that seems like a tree. Check this JSON datasource as example.
  • This JSON data contains RelationshipDetails object as primary unit. This object will contain the information for each node of the tree. This object need to have an unique identifire. In this case, it's social_security_number.

Step 2:

  • Create a TreeViewDataHandler object and call it's following function passing the parsed data array
public func configureTreeViewDatasource(_ relationDetails: [RelationshipDetails]) -> [TreeViewNodeItem]?

And use the return value of the above function as TreeView's data source. Lile following.

var dataHandler: TreeViewDataHandler? = TreeViewDataHandler()
let relations: [RelationshipDetails]? = readJson(JSON_File_Name)
var treeViewDataSource = [TreeViewNodeItem]()
treeViewDataSource = (dataHandler?.configureTreeViewDatasource(relations!))!

Step 3:

  • Listen for RelodeTreeView notification to relode the TreeView.
NotificationCenter.default.addObserver(self, selector: #selector(relodeTreeView(_:)), name: NSNotification.Name(rawValue: "RelodeTreeView"), object: nil)

func relodeTreeView(_ notification: Notification) {
  self.treeViewDataSource = (dataHandler?.refreshNodes())!
  DispatchQueue.main.async {


Setting up UITableViewCell and UITableView

  • Create your own UITableViewCell custom subclass for the TreeView node.

Setting up custom data model

  • Just replace Relations and RelationshipDetails object with your own with proper changes and requirments.

Up Next

  • Dynamic addition and deletion of tree node.
  • Dyanmic Data Container
  • Dynamic View Holder


Contributions are welcome. Please just open an Issue on GitHub to discuss a point or request a feature or send a Pull Request with your suggestion. If there's a related discussion on the Swift Evolution mailing list, please also post the thread name with a link.

Please also try to follow the same syntax and semantic in your commit messages (see rationale here).