Participate! is an app for democratic decision making
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An app for democratic decision-making.

Participate! aims to improve citizen participation in public issues, and participation in general at any organization interested in shared, democratic management.

It does so by focusing on concrete proposals rather than noisy and many times unproductive debate.

A participant makes a proposal and gathers support for it. Other participants can collaborate on it if they support it in principle. Dissenters have to make a counter-proposal, and gather support for it as well, to be heard.

Representation is ensured for participants who are less involved (be it for lack of time, inclination or of knowledge) through fluid delegation of support, in a liquid democracy.

Very early stages of development. See a deployed demo

Participate! is open source and plans are to have a hosted version in the future as well.


Elm front-end app talking to an Elixir/Phoenix API.

Setup the client



Get dependencies:

$ npm install

Review settings in src/Config.elm.

Start the API.

Compile and run dev server:

$ npm run dev

More details can be found on the wiki.

Want to get involved?

We'll pair with you so you can get up to speed quickly, and we pair on features as well.

Shoot us an email, we'll add you to our Slack channel to join the discussion and talk about next steps.

Please check out the contributing guide and our code of conduct

Participate was inspired by LiquidFeedback, and the book published by its authors: Principles of Liquid Feedback