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Firmware 0.5.2-rc.1 Pre-release is out on the Build IDE for Core/Photon/P1/Electron

Note: This is a pre-release and is not intended for production yet. We've tested this pre-release to the best of our ability and we want to know what you think now! Please understand that some care and attention is necessary when testing this pre-release, and be sure to upgrade to the final release when it's available. It will not be available by default. To use you must select the version dropdown from the devices drawer. Downgrading back to the current release info is at the bottom of this post.

v0.5.2-rc.1 Changelog


  • [Photon/P1] Restores the default WICED country to Japan #1014

Upgrading to this version will now allow you to downgrade remotely OTA to v0.5.0 or earlier without erasing Wi-Fi credentials. There are still some cases where a downgrade will erase credentials, but only if you have explicitly set the country code to something other than the default or JP2. For example, if you set the country code to GB0 or US4, if you downgrade to v0.5.0 your Wi-Fi credentials will be erased. Leaving the country code at default or set to JP2 will not erase credentials when downgrading to v0.5.0. Do not downgrade to v0.5.1 first, and then v0.5.0... this will erase credentials in all cases.


  • .syncTime() and .unsubscribe() called on the system thread. Prevents issues when multiple threads try to send messages through the cloud connection or manage the network state shared memory. #1041

System Binaries (all devices) & Device Upgrader (Photon & Electron)

located below

Programming and Debugging

You can view specific programming and debugging notes for this version of firmware here.

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