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Note: This is a Release and may be used for production. Any known issues are likely slated for 0.7.0-rc.1 (check Github issues). It is available by default for all devices. To use, select the 0.5.3 version dropdown from the devices drawer.

Note: If you have previously last used one of the prerelease versions of 0.5.3 on a Core/Photon/P1 device, please re-flash it with 0.5.3. You must upgrade (locally preferred) the Electron system firmware to 0.5.3 first before you can OTA new user apps.
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v0.5.3 Changelog


  • DTR/RTS support (open/closed detection: Serial.isConnected()). #1073


  • Automatically adds vendored libraries from the lib directory for extended application projects #1053
  • [Electron] System firmware is now aware of system-part3 to allow OTA/YModem upgrade from >=0.5.3-rc.2 to >=0.6.0-rc.1


  • Feature/vendorlibraries #1009


  • added HAL_IsISR() which is used to skip calling the background loop from delay(). fixes #673
  • Fixes an issue of USB Serial erroneously switching to closed state. #1073
  • RTC wakeup time now calculated right before entering SLEEP_MODE_DEEP. Fixes #1043
  • STOP mode should retain user interrupt handler. Fixes #1029
  • SoftAP mode persisting when setup complete if Wi-Fi was off. #971
  • Free memory allocated for previous system interrupt handler #951 fixes #927
  • availableForWrite() was reporting bytes available instead of bytes available for write #1020 and #1017
  • millis()/micros() are now atomic to ensure monotonic values. Fixes #916, #925 and #1042
  • Fixes to I2C Slave mode implementation with clock stretching enabled #931
  • General I2C Improvements and MCP23017 tests #1047
  • Rebuilt Wiced_Network_LwIP_FreeRTOS.a WWD_for_SDIO_FreeRTOS.a on OSX #1057 fixes Local build stalling on object dump #1049
  • digitalRead() interfered with analogRead() #1006 fixes #993
  • Validates that module dependencies would still be satisfied after the module from the "ota_module" location is flashed (via OTA or YMODEM flashing) #1063

System Binaries (all devices) & Device Upgrader (Photon & Electron)

located below

Programming and Debugging

You can view specific programming and debugging notes for this version of firmware here.

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