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Spark Core app examples to make it easier to rock out with your Spark Core.


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IMPORTANT NOTE: We've moved the official source of truth for firmware app examples available in the Web IDE into the Documentation Site example page--this makes the examples more useful because they can easily be contextualized with annotations and diagrams within the main docs site. Though examples found here will likely work just fine, going forward, the place to contribute examples firmware code is on the examples page of the docs site.

A repo for sharing, refining, and cultivating broadly useful Particle Devicw firmware examples.

This repo is used to populate the example application firmware in the Web IDE.

Our goal for this repo is to provide a place where people can contribute awesome code and content to help others learn and to illustrate best practices for documentation, firmware code, and hardware design.

How to Use

browse, flash, and fork Spark Core firmware

How to Contribute

  1. Identify a learning gap that existing examples don't cover OR see something amazing on the community site.

  2. Propose the example with GitHub issue tagged with "Proposed Example". Try to rally people to comment on what the example should do, what learning goals will it advance, etc. Feel free to write an example README to illustrate what you're thinking.

  3. Fork the repo, add a sub-directory, metadata.json,, and code. A typical README has the following sections 1) About, 2) Required Materials, 3) Circuit Diagram, 4) How to Use, and 5) Learning Activities. You can use the blink_led for a solid simple example of a "good example".

  4. Issue a pull request.


Spark Core app examples to make it easier to rock out with your Spark Core.







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