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Basic example iOS app with Particle SDK & Device setup library integrated as frameworks via Carthage dependency manager
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Particle Cloud SDK and Device Setup Library basic iOS app example - using Carthage dependecies

Platform license Carthage compatible

This app is meant to serve as basic example for using the Particle Cloud SDK and Device Setup Library in the Carthage dependecies form. This takes a different approach than using Cocoapods and is now the recommended way to use Particle SDKs as it will ease complex/swift-containing builds.

To get this example app running, clone it, open the project in XCode and:

  1. Flash the firmware.c firmware to a photon under your account, use Build - you can setup a new one also from within the app (device setup library)
  2. Set it's name to the constant deviceName in the testCloudSDK() function
  3. Set your username/password to the appropriate constants, same place
  4. Go the project root folder in your shell, run the setup shell script (under the /bin folder) which will build the latest Particle SDK Carthage dependencies
  5. Run and experiment!
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