Hardware designs and firmware for a Particle conference badge
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The #PartiBadge is a Wi-Fi connected, full-featured, Particle-powered conference badge. Because who want to wear a piece of plastic around their neck when they can wear a PCB?

The #PartiBadge was designed by the Particle team and is currently used as an interactive learning platform for conferences and other developer events.

For workshop hands-on labs and other details, click here.

The hardware folder contains Eagle design files for iterations of the badge hardware. Since the original creation of the Electron-based PartiBadge in the Spring of 2018, there have been two additional major iterations to support the Photon (v2) and Mesh-based hardware (v3).

The firmware folder contains firmware for the latest version of the badge, currently v3.

The finished badge includes:

  1. A 1" OLED Screen
  2. An SMD Piezo buzzer
  3. A SPDT Switch
  4. A 5-way joystick
  5. An SMD Si7021 temperature and Humidity sensor
  6. 4 Tactile LED Buttons in Red, Blue, Green and Yellow/Orange
  7. An I2C-Compatible breakout for #BadgeLife add-ons