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Particle Android Cloud SDK


The Particle Android Cloud SDK enables Android apps to interact with Particle-powered connected products via the Particle Cloud. As an easy-to-use wrapper for the Particle REST API, the Cloud SDK can:

  • Get a list of Particle devices claimed by a user account
  • Read variables from devices
  • Invoke functions on devices
  • Publish events from your mobile app and subscribe to events coming from devices
  • Get data usage information for cellular devices
  • Claim/unclaim devices for a user account
  • Manage & inject user sessions for the Particle Cloud (access tokens, encrypted session management)

Getting started, getting help, and everything else

Full documentation, including a getting started guide, lots of API examples, support & feedback links, and more are all available from our documentation page:



All code in this repository is available under the Apache License 2.0. See the LICENSE file for the complete text of the license.

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