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Particle Dev package for Atom
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Particle Dev package for Atom

Particle Dev is a professional, open source, hackable IDE, designed for use with the Particle devices.

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Particle Dev App (recommended)

Download and install the latest Particle Dev App for your operating system.

GitHub Atom

To get the latest, bleeding edge updates install Particle Dev packages. You'll need following dependencies:


Install all the required tools and configurations using Microsoft's windows-build-tools using npm install --global --production --add-python-to-path windows-build-tools from an elevated PowerShell or CMD.exe (run as Administrator).

  • Xcode
    • You also need to install the Command Line Tools via Xcode. You can find this under the menu Xcode -> Preferences -> Downloads
    • This step will install gcc and the related toolchain containing make
  • Download Atom for your distribution

  • Build dependencies:

    Ubuntu / Debian

    $ sudo apt-get install build-essential

    Fedora / CentOS / RHEL

    $ sudo dnf --assumeyes install make gcc gcc-c++ glibc-devel


    $ sudo pacman -S --needed gconf base-devel


    $ sudo zypper install make gcc gcc-c++ glibc-devel


Install particle-dev-complete meta package. After this it will ask you to install dependencies.


See our documentation to learn about how to use Particle Dev for software development.

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