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PartiQL is an expressive, SQL-compatible query language giving access to relational, semi-structured, and nested data.


  • If you find a security issue, please contact our security team rather than opening an issue.
  • If you have questions or suggestions about the PartiQL Language, please check out our GitHub Discussion forum.
  • If you have found a bug in one of our implementations, please feel free to open a GitHub Issue in the appropriate repository! See the links to each implementation further below.


This project has adopted the Amazon Open Source Code of Conduct. Copyright PartiQL Contributors.


  1. partiql-lang partiql-lang Public

    The PartiQL language specification

    Ruby 6 1

  2. partiql-lang-kotlin partiql-lang-kotlin Public

    PartiQL libraries and tools in Kotlin.

    Kotlin 536 60

  3. partiql-lang-rust partiql-lang-rust Public

    PartiQL libraries and tools in Rust.

    Rust 65 9

  4. partiql-ir-generator partiql-ir-generator Public

    PartiQL I.R. Generator (P.I.G.)

    Kotlin 24 7

  5. partiql-tutorials partiql-tutorials Public

    PartiQL Tutorials

    Java 20 5

  6. partiql-tests partiql-tests Public

    Test data for checking conformance to the PartiQL specification.

    Kotlin 7 1


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