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PartiQL Lang Kotlin

This is a Kotlin implementation of the PartiQL specification. PartiQL is based on SQL-92 and has added support for working with schemaless hierarchical data. PartiQL’s extensions to SQL are easy to understand, treat nested data as first class citizens and compose seamlessly with each other and SQL.

This repository contains an embeddable reference interpreter, test framework, and tests for PartiQL in Kotlin.


Check out the PartiQL Lang Kotlin Wiki for documentation, tutorials, upgrade guides, and more!


Users of PartiQL should consider PartiQL to be in "preview" status. It has been leveraged within a number of Amazon internal systems and AWS products for over a year. The behavior of the language itself is mostly stable, however, the public API of the interpreter is slated to undergo significant improvements in the near term. (See the GitHub issues list for details.)

Using In Your Project

This project is published to Maven Central.

Group ID Artifact ID Recommended Version
org.partiql partiql-lang-kotlin 0.13.2

For Maven builds, add the following to your pom.xml:


For Gradle 5+, add the following to your build.gradle:

repositories {

dependencies {
    implementation "org.partiql:partiql-lang-kotlin:${version}"

Be sure to replace ${version} with the desired version.


Pre-requisite: Building this project requires Java 11+.

This project uses a git submodule to pull in partiql-tests. The easiest way to pull everything in is to clone the repository recursively:

$ git clone --recursive

You can also initialize the submodules as follows:

$ git submodule update --init --recursive

To build this project, from the root directory execute:

./gradlew build

This will build the reference interpreter and test framework, then run all unit and integration tests.

Directory Structure

  • docs documentation and migration guides as well as source for the GitHub Wiki
  • examples
  • lib libraries not part of the partiql-lang-kotlin JAR
  • partiql-cli contains the source code of the command-line interface and interactive prompt. (CLI/REPL)
  • partiql-lang source code for the PartiQL parser and interpreter.
  • paritql-lang/src/jmh contains the JMH benchmarks for PartiQL.
  • partiql-types PartiQL type system

Running JMH Benchmarks

To run JMH benchmarks located in lang/jmh, build the entire project first and then run the following command:

./gradlew jmh


See the examples project in this repository for examples covering use of the PartiQL interpreter in your project.




The works contained within this repository are licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

See the LICENSE file.