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bundle(1) -- Ruby Dependency Management
`bundle` COMMAND [--no-color] [--verbose] [ARGS]
Bundler manages an `application's dependencies` through its entire life
across many machines systematically and repeatably.
See [the bundler website]( for information on getting
started, and Gemfile(5) for more information on the `Gemfile` format.
* `--no-color`:
Prints all output without color
* `--verbose`:
Prints out additional logging information
We divide `bundle` subcommands into primary commands and utilities.
* [bundle install(1)][bundle-install]:
Install the gems specified by the `Gemfile` or `Gemfile.lock`
* [bundle update(1)][bundle-update]:
Update dependencies to their latest versions
* [bundle package(1)][bundle-package]:
Package the .gem files required by your application into the
`vendor/cache` directory
* [bundle exec(1)][bundle-exec]:
Execute a script in the context of the current bundle
* [bundle config(1)][bundle-config]:
Specify and read configuration options for bundler
* `bundle check(1)`:
Determine whether the requirements for your application are installed
and available to bundler
* `bundle list(1)`:
Show all of the gems in the current bundle
* `bundle show(1)`:
Show the source location of a particular gem in the bundle
* `bundle outdated(1)`:
Show all of the outdated gems in the current bundle
* `bundle console(1)`:
Start an IRB session in the context of the current bundle
* `bundle open(1)`:
Open an installed gem in the editor
* `bundle viz(1)`:
Generate a visual representation of your dependencies
* `bundle benchmark(1)`:
Display the time taken for each each gem to be loaded into the environment
* `bundle init(1)`:
Generate a simple `Gemfile`, placed in the current directory
* `bundle gem(1)`:
Create a simple gem, suitable for development with bundler
These commands are obsolete and should no longer be used
* `bundle lock(1)`
* `bundle unlock(1)`
* `bundle cache(1)`
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