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This Symfony 4-app is a proof of concept for some tracking concepts. It will feature several social media plattforms as data provider and will use public data apis for accessing event data (page stats, post likes & comments etc.)


You will need git, docker and docker-compose installed on your target machine.


Run git clon to checkout the project folder. Then cd into the project folder and run sh

This will checkout Laradock and check for required .env configuration files. If all required .env files are available the setup script will continue setting up all required docker containers, then installing the project dependency within the container with the help of some composer magic.



To start a crawler run sh [SERVICE]. This will run the crawler on each docker workspace node, piping its output to app/logs/crawler/[SERVICE].log. You might have to chmod those log folders and files depending how strict your filesystem handles these writes.


For easy updates (via git) just run sh or sh all to include restarting crawlers.

Known issues

Docker for Windows

You might have to edit the laradock/docker-compose.yml files to change the volumes as Docker for Windows has some bugs that prevent mounting volumes for mariadb, mongodb, redis and maybe others.

MongoDB security

Laradock won't let you set a password for your MongoDB instance. As Docker exposes all ports to your network this allows anyone to access your docker instance!

The framework is already prepared for using authenticated access but you have to fill in your accessdata to the .env file.