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A Notes-First StyleSheet for TaskPaper 3.8 and up

Preview of a TaskPaper with the Light StyleSheet applied

This StyleSheet for TaskPaper 3.8 and up is great if you:

  • Use notes items a lot, and tasks (dashed items) just a little
  • Find the handle (the circle next to the lines) handy mostly to collapse indented items
  • Prefer URLs to appear discreetly, but still look clickable
  • Prefer to use the keyboard to cut-paste items to re-order them over using draggable handles to re-order items (on the Mac anyway)
  • Want a Style Sheet that's compatible with macOS Dark Mode

Dark Mode!

Preview of a TaskPaper with the Dark StyleSheet applied

Dark Mode Requires macOS 10.14 Mojave or later and TaskPaper 3.8 or later

Here's how to install the StyleSheet

  1. Download the zip and open the zip folder
  2. Window menu > StyleSheet > Open StyleSheet Folder <-- from within TaskPaper
  3. Copy Notes First.less from the zip folder to the StyleSheet Folder
  4. Window menu > StyleSheet > Notes First.less <-- also from within TaskPaper

Get notified of updates

Updates don't come up very often, but to be sure you're using the right StyleSheet for new versions of TaskPaper, subscribe to be notified by email. I'll also share on how I use TaskPaper (centered on objectives).

💙 TaskPaper

Thank you Jesse Grosjean for TaskPaper.


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