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firnesse version 20121220.

Let's take the chance to upgrade versions

(upgrade maven versions too...)

ekkerbj commented Mar 28, 2013

I started looking at this but didn't get very far. The fitnesse parser is completly different. I also started learning/looking at the eclipse aether api which is slightly different than the sonatype one. I should be able to test out the plugin on our fitnesse install here.


So far, I switched to newest release of fitnesse on dev branch.
eclipse aether doesn't play well with current versions of maven (3.0.5) : I think It's a bit too early to switch.

What I plan to to is :

  • to handle maven coordinate, I renamed "!artifact" to "!coordinates" I find this name more meaningfull
  • to reference settings.xml file (eg: !define /xxx/yyy/settings.xml) this can be usefull if you already have server definition in there.
    this 2 features are already implemented.

I would like to add :

  • to handle relative to a project (pom.xml) and absolute (/xxx/yyy/pom.xml) pom file.
  • to integrate with m2e.

Please let me know what do you think and don't hesitate to create feature request.

Best regards

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