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@@ -73,4 +73,27 @@ Builds and uploads an application to djeese. The ``<>`` is the file to
install your application. ``<filepath>`` is the path to your Djeese Application
Configuration file.
+``djeese clonestatic <websitename> <outputdir>``
+Clones the static files of the website with the name ``<websitename>`` to
+``<outputdir>``. ``<outputdir>>`` defaults to ``'static/'``. All files in
+``<outputdir>`` will be overwritten.
+``djeese runstatic <url> <sourcedir> --port=8080``
+Runs a server that serves the static files locally from ``<sourcedir>`` and all
+other content from ``<url>``. ``<sourcedir>`` defaults to ``'static/'``. You
+may optionally provide the ``--port`` argument which defaults to ``8080``. This
+command is useful for debugging your CSS. You may access the page from your
+browser at ``http://localhost:<port>``.
+``djeese pushstatic <websitename> <sourcedir>``
+Pushes the staticfiles from ``<sourcedir>`` to the website with the name
+``<websitename>``. ``<sourcedir>`` defaults to ``'static/'``. All files will be
+overwritten remotely.
.. _pip website:

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