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Here's the final release of 0.9.7

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1 parent 9536a71 commit b593d2cf0bd9fc9e1fb4bc6be01b25f70aad2faf @parndt parndt committed Jul 2, 2010
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- Full backend internationalisation (i18n) support and frontend i18n routing. [Maarten Hoogendoorn and Philip Arndt and many others]
- Marketable URLs, such as /contact [Joshua Davey and Joe Sak].
-- Switched to bundler and rack. [Philip Arndt]
-- Added :restricted settings. [Steven Heidel]
+- Switched to bundler and rack. [Alex Coles and Philip Arndt]
+- Added options to Refinery Settings :restricted, :scoping, :callback_proc_as_string. [Steven Heidel and Philip Arndt]
- Added spam filtering to contact form [djones]
+- Full Refinery UI redesign [Resolve Digital]
+- User Role support [Amanda Nicholas and Philip Arndt]
=== [09 May 2010]

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