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A self-hosted, personal note taking app.

Pragma runs in your browser and syncs all your notes back to the server transparently so you'll never lose your data. All your notes are also available offline in your browser, so always available to you.


  • Browser-based note taking, offline.
  • Self hosted; you own all your data.
  • Lightweight. The sync server is written in Rust and takes only ~ 5-8 MB of memory.
  • Super easy to host, it's just a single binary!
  • WYSIWYG editor for text notes.
  • Code editor with syntax highlighting for code snippets.

Public demo

A demo instance is available at, login with password demo. Data in this instance is reset every 24 hours.


Pragma is designed to be hosted on a server and accessed via your webbrowser. Instructions are available for hosting on Linux and Docker.


  • Checkboxes in text editor.
  • Easy access to recent notes.
  • Extended keyboard shortcuts.
  • Quick open / search.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Dark theme.
  • File attachments.
  • Sync conflict resolution.
  • (Anonymous) note sharing.

See the development board for details.

Known issues

  • Only tested on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  • No sync conflict resolution yet (see roadmap).
    • Currently, last write wins. You'll only run into this if you edit the same note from multiple devices at the same time.

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