A native SAP HANA app for comparing and commiting files directly to GitHub from the Web UI (HANA XS Github client)
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A native SAP HANA application for comparing and commiting files directly from the Web UI. Read more here: link to SAP community network blog

  • Compare files between HANA and Github
  • Compare inline or side by side
  • Commit files to Github directly from the Web UI
  • Native HANA application
  • Easy HANA package installation
  • Open source
  • handles .xs* (e.g. .xsaccess, .xsapp) files


  • Release 1.0 Supports SAP HANA <= SPS08

  • Release 2.0 Supports SAP HANA >= SPS09

  • Release 2.1 Supports defining your Github API endpoint (Useful for enterprise GitHub customers)

  • Release 2.2 Has a small local DB schema and table which holds committed version data. This allows us to show which files are different between your repo and hana package.

  • Release 2.3 Changes to the .hdb files to handle case sensativity


Option 1

  • Download the package from here URL
  • Open Lifecycle manager (http://<HANA_SERVER>:PORT/sap/hana/xs/lm/)
  • Click on Import/Export menu
  • Click Import from File
  • Browse to the downloaded file
  • Edit the lib/hanagit.js file and specify your github api, hana verison, username/password
  • Make sure your user has the security role: lilabs.github.core::admin

Option 2

  • Download/fork this repo
  • upload from eclipse or the webIDE