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Syscompare is a SAP HANA application giving auditors, developers, system admins and anyone else using HANA the ability to compare files across systems. The app is a native HANA application and uses xshttpdest files to connect, retrieve and compare. If you prefer to download a Delivery Unit, please click here. Delivery Unit Download

###Install Instructions from Github

  1. Fork or download a copy of these files
  2. Upload or create a new project in eclipse and add the files. (Keep in mind that the folder names need to match).

###Install Instructions from Delivery Unit

  1. Download the DU here (email requested to stay up to date)
  2. Using lifecycle manager, Import the DU

###Post Installation Instructions

  1. Setup your 2 .xshttpdest files using the admin tool on the instance where the application files are running.
  2. Open the Index.html file here:


  1. Enter the names of the 2 HANA instances to compare (should be identical to the .xshttpdest filenames)
  2. Run, the system will automatically compare the HANA respositories and return the differences
  3. The scan will show:
  • Missing Files on either system (and which system they are missing on)
  • Files which are not identical (and display the differences)
  • Files which could not be opened for any reason (security, errors)


Uses the Orion File API available in > SPS08 Files can be opened directly in the application (easily compare differences)


Syscompare is a repository comparison tool for SAP HANA and displays file differences across instances.



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