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Releases: pascl/pbPSCReAlpha

pbPSCReAlpha 1.71

26 Jan 14:10
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  • template for Retroarch is modified, in order to get rid of 'compressed cores' problem (now can launch compressed or uncompressed ones from the stock ui without manual intervention).
  • Add a button in Config tab to upgrade all files (2 lines added) according to the new template).
  • Add a button in Tranformer tab to convert named folders to numbered folders (BleemSync wants numbered ones, AutoBleem doesn't care).

pbPSCReAlpha 1.7

02 Jan 20:47
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  • For BleemSync1.2:
    • Folder manager improvements
      • Add a Auto button in the folder manager to have a folder by system
      • Can right-click on a folder in the folder list to execute some actions (copy/paste games, duplicate folder, split folder)
    • Launchers
      • Can manage the cfg and cores folders in '.config' or 'config'
      • Add the '--config' parameter in the RA template
  • For AutoBleem0.8.x:
    • Subfolders in the 'Games' folders (and so the categories) are not supported!!!!!
    • Can remove these subfolders and put all the folders in the 'Games' folder (Transformer tab)
    • Can create all the needed files (no re-scan at start)

pbPSCReAlpha 1.61

06 Dec 00:04
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  • Add and as tabs in the game.ini editor for scraper.
    • is currently down
    • The ign and jv tabs ask directly the websites when you search a title. The previous ones (psxdatacenter and tgdb) use a local xml file.
  • Split pngquant commands for large filelist.

pbPSCReAlpha 1.6

27 Oct 15:59
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  • Add a folder manager when recreating the database (for BleemSync1.2)
    • Create folders and folder icons (if the option is checked).
    • Select the boot folder for the next startup of your PSC (after the first startup, it will be the last folder before the shutdown).
    • NB: Internal games are not managed at this step, go to the folder manager on your PSC to add it somewhere.
    • NB2: this doesn't need any modifications in BleemSync files to run.
  • Search games in game.ini editor on PSXDataCenter or TGDB websites.
  • Can manage non PS1 games (add a file in a game folder).
    • NB: The latest RetroArch cores for PSC are compressed and need to be uncompressed to be launched like that. (See #29 for more details)
  • Can add/edit and use some templates to help the edition.

pbPSCReAlpha 1.5

22 Sep 14:06
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  • bugfix for CHD and PBP files which asked a BIN file with them.
  • Manage BleemSync 1.2 databases for creation only (for now).
    • Your folders will be removed after recreating database
    • Before doing that on your PC with a future version, you have to use the folder manager on the PSC to create folders again.
    • To change folders faster on your PSC, you can already edit the folder manager launcher file to generate launchers for your folders when you use it:

pbPSCReAlpha 1.4

04 Aug 16:04
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  • Can manage CHD files.
  • Can set a folder on your USB drive in order to replace internal games (read the FAQ tab).

pbPSCReAlpha 1.3

02 Jun 15:23
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  • A refresh is forced before recreating database. If errors, you can't go further.
  • Possible to split the database file in several files by Shift-clicking "Recreate database" with modded BleemSync 1.1 in order to implement folders - see for more information.

pbPSCReAlpha 1.21

29 May 00:34
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Fix reading databases (could fail auto-creating game.ini, or could create incomplete game.ini)

Tested with BleemSync1.0.1, BleemSync1.1.0 and AutoBleem0.6.0beta2

pbPSCReAlpha 1.2

12 May 13:45
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  • Can manage an usb drive containing AutoBleem mod.
  • Can convert a "games" folder to/from BleemSync/AutoBleem (and associated saves). Make a backup copy before trying this in case of something goes wrong
  • Can sort alphabetically, or by year, publisher or number of players (for BleemSync only. Autobleem sorts internally again alphabetically, but it is recommended to sort even so, just in order to rename some folders)

Tested with BleemSync1.0.1 and AutoBleem0.6.0beta2

pbPSCReAlpha 1.11

27 Apr 12:09
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  • A button is added to generate a m3u file for multidisc games (not necessary with stock UI, but recommended with retroarch). It will overwrite it if already exists.
  • Ask user to read directly database on refresh click if a game.ini is missing somewhere