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Summary of the most important non-obvious PasDoc features:

  • The documentation can be written in an external files (see the --description command-line option), not only in the source code.

  • The documentation can be localized to many languages, see the --language command-line option.

  • Support for arbitrary (even optional) comment markers.

  • You can write entire pages using pasdoc syntax (like @-tags, see WritingDocumentation). This way you can use pasdoc like a simple document creation tool. See the IntroductionAndConclusion documentation.

  • You can easily add a search box to your documentation, just pass --use-tipue-search command-line option.

  • GraphVizSupport allows PasDoc to easily incorporate classes inheritance and unit dependency graphs in the documentation.

  • --auto-link command-line option allows you to avoid writing @link tags, identifiers will be automatically turned into links.

  • --auto-abstract command-line option allows you to automatically treat the 1st sentence of the description as an abstract.

  • Spell checking.

  • Caching for faster generation of documentation.

If you want to compare PasDoc to FpDoc (another open-source Pascal documentation tool), see PasDocFpDocComparison .

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