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Pass to pasdoc --exclude-generator option to prevent including in the output various information about PasDoc version.

This includes:

  • pasdoc’s version,

  • compiler name and version used to compile pasdoc, time of compilation.

This information is excluded from every part of pasdoc’s output:

  • from user-visible parts of documentation (like html pages footer "Generated by pasdoc")

  • from user-invisible parts of documentation (like html and latex comments)

  • from pasdoc’s messages printed on stdout

This option is useful for our automated tests (see pasdoc sources, tests/ subdirectory). That’s because the effect of this option is that if you generate documentation two times (for the same units, with the same command-line options) then you will get two times exactly the same output. Details such as pasdoc version, compiler used to compile pasdoc, and generation time will not accidentaly make each output of pasdoc different.

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