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HTML Help (extension .chm for "compiled html") is the help format for recent versions of Windows.

PasDoc can generate the files that are needed in addition to the HTML output to use the Microsoft HTML Workshop (free download) for creating HTML Help.

Short introduction how to use htmlhelp output:

  1. [Optional] If you wish to use a custom help-contents file, specify a file name with the --html-help-contents option. Each line of the file specifies an entry in the help contents. Each space or tab character at the beginning of a line increases the level of the item in the contents by 1. The remainder of the line comprises a title for the item, an "=" character, and the link to which the item should be connected. For example: An Item = MyPage.html

  2. Generate htmlhelp documentation with pasdoc with --format=htmlhelp. In addition to normal html files, pasdoc will also output three files docs.hhc, docs.hhk and docs.hhp. You can change docs to something else with --name option.

  3. Download HTML Help Workshop

  4. Make docs.chm file:

    • Interactively: run installed Html Help Workshop, open generated docs.hhp file, run "Compile HTML file" from toolbar

    • Or in batch mode: run hhc docs.hhp

  5. And you have docs.chm file, that can be viewed with Html Help viewer.