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Just like a Pascal compiler, PasDoc understands $include compiler directive and reads include files. It searches for include files in the current directory and in all directories given with the --include CommandLine option. Examples:

pasdoc --include c:\mysources\include --include c:\3rdparty\somelib\include ...

pasdoc --include c:\mysources\include;c:\3rdparty\somelib\include ...

As shown in the first example it is possible to specify multiple --include options.

You can also specify multiple include paths per --include directive, separating them with the platform’s path separator (which is ':' on Unix and ';' on Windows) as shown in the second example. So both examples above (and the two below) are equivalent.

Another example when running under Unix:

pasdoc --include /home/me/include --include /usr/local/pascal/include ...

pasdoc --include /home/me/include:/usr/local/pascal/include ...

The short form of --include option is -I (upper case i).

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