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Projects using PasDoc

If you use PasDoc, your are most welcome to add your project to this page. Or you can send a mail about your project to our mailing list: .

  • Allegro.pas - A wrapper to allow Pascal language to use the Allegro game programming library.

  • Brook framework - Complete framework for web applications.

  • Castle Game Engine - 3D game engine, focused on VRML/X3D, with advanced graphic features and high-level scene management.

  • dzChart - Chart component for Delphi/Kylix.

  • FBLib - Open source Firebird library.

  • Help Generator - GUI for PasDoc in two flavors: VCL and CLX. (Last update, July 10, 2005).

  • Internet Tools -Package to process web pages; and the TreeListView, a tree view with record columns

  • PascalSCADA - Set of components for Delphi/Lazarus, used to develop SCADA applications.

  • PasDoc - Our own sources can be processed by PasDoc itself, see PasDocAutoDoc.

  • Synapse - Synchronous TCP/IP Library for Delphi, C++ Builder, Kylix and FreePascal.

  • SynEdit - Component suite for Delphi/Kylix to highlight code source.

  • SynProject - GPL Delphi source code versioning and documentation tool, which includes a fork of PasDoc: speed enhancements, cache of parsing content in a .zip archive, integrated GraphViz diagrams, documentation generation in MS Word format, integration into a complete project documentation tool.

  • Valkyrie - General purpose game-development library.

  • yana - Yet another network analyzer.