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You can create tables using @table tag. Within @table tag, only two tags are allowed: @row and @rowHead. @rowHead creates a heading row (usually you will put only one such row as the first row of the table), @row creates normal row. Within @row and @rowHead tags, you must put only some number of @cell tags. Finally, within @cell tag, you can put any text, use other @-tags etc.

Simple example:

{ This functions returns boolean value according to the following
      @rowHead( @cell(Value1) @cell(Value2) @cell(Result) )
      @row( @cell(@false) @cell(@false) @cell(@false) )
      @row( @cell(@false) @cell(@true) @cell(@true) )
      @row( @cell(@true) @cell(@false) @cell(@true) )
      @row( @cell(@true) @cell(@true) @cell(@false) )
    ) }
function ExclusiveOr(Value1, Value2: boolean): boolean;


  • Every table must have at least one row and every row must have at least one cell.

  • Nested tables (i.e. creating new table within a cell, by using @table tag within @cell tag) are allowed.

  • Table is always treated as a separate paragraph in the text.

Things to avoid:

  • Although it’s allowed to put various number of cells into rows of a given table, you should not do this, to be sure that you get sensible results in all output formats.

  • Although it’s allowed to have any number of @rowHead rows within a given table, and for now results look sensible in all output formats, you should refrain from doing this. Every @table should have zero or one @rowHead row, no more.

  • For LatexOutput, LaTeX seriously limits the allowed content of @cell:

    • Lists_ inside a @cell are not allowed.

    • Paragraph breaks inside cells are allowed but ignored.

    • Long lines inside cells are not automatically broken, so generated tables are broken in the output — they exceed over the right edge of the page.

    • Line break (@br tag) inside a @cell is not allowed.

    • @cells within head rows (using @rowHead) are even more limited, nested tables and paragraphs are not allowed.

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