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Closed things from the ToDo page:

  • Add OtherTools to pasdoc releases

  • Go through all comments and check them for validity and readability. There are a lot of comments that are outdated.

    I think that most comments are correct now. The remaining things must be handled on a case-by-case basis. Everyone: feel free to submit bug reports about unclean and/or outdated pasdoc source documentation. --MichalisKamburelis

  • Properties do not show read and write directives.

    This is implemented now: full declaration of every property is shown, including read/write specifiers of this property.

    Actually too much is shown for now — even if read/write specifier specifies some private field or method, it is shown. But it shouldn’t because names of private specifiers are, well, private, unless you requested them using --visible-members. This will be fixed later, for now you will have to live with too much private information shown in documentation. See also my mail on pasdoc-main mailing list "Full declaration of properties is now shown" on 2005-05-29. --MichalisKamburelis

  • properly parse duplicate names in different units or different classes

  • RegressionTesting

  • Someone should take care of TPasDoc.SearchDescrFileTags and fix it, or remove it.

    Removed in revision 1.12 of source/component/PasDoc_Base.pas. Reasons:

    1. Implementation of TPasDoc.SearchDescrFileTags was hopelessly broken, and moving it to TDocGenerator.ExpandDescription is not so simple — you have to first scan for @descrfile, than you have to expand descriptions. Which means that we would have to make three passes over descriptions.

    2. @descrfile was never present in the docs, and noone ever complained that it was disabled in PasDoc 0.9.0 and 0.10.0. So I guess that noone needs it.

      In summary, existing code of SearchDescrFileTags was useless, so it’s removed. — MichalisKamburelis

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