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Templates are written in OP via a pseudo class and an include file (see the link Thomas provided to his article).

Currently documentation would be generated for the classes like this

TObject > TEMPLATE_CLASS > TTemplateUser

now, the request is to collate this to

TObject > TTemplateUser

so that the templating is invisible in the documentation.

JohannesBerg: I propose to introduce a new tag @template specifically for this (after all, the people writing the program should decide whats in |;)| ). The @template tag on a class would cause the class to be skipped when creating documentation, but descendents would get all methods it directly defines as their methods. Basically this means three things

  1. we have to add a new tag,

  2. the class containing the tag must be skipped in output, and

  3. classes must check their superclasses for extra methods, properties and attributes