Vagrant-puppet scripts to build local virtual environment for Drupal development with Drush support
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Creates a Drupal ready Virtual machine;

You get everything you need;

  1. Database - drupal
  2. mysql user "root", password - "root". Database engine mysql
  3. Use folder sites/drupal to operate with drupal core and contrib. Requires a separate download.
  4. You have pear, composer, php-apc, php-xdebug and rest of extensions needed for drupal
  5. Provides full drush support.

Tested for both Drupal8 and Drupal7


  1. - vagrant
  2. VirtualBox

How to install?

  1. Clone this respository
  2. From the root folder execute "vagrant up"
  3. Make yourself a tea - built will take arround 10 minutes.
  4. Once finished navigate your brovser to http://drupal or extecute "vagrant ssh" from the project root.