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Pasky's Conky Setup

This is a Conky configuration that shows rich information about the computer hardware, system, as well as time and weather info. You may want to base your own setup on this. Here's how it looks like:


The weather portion is an awful hack that I stole somewhere on the internet (TODO find and credit the source).

TODO: Revamp the weather to better use space etc.

Fluxbox Setup

I have Conky on the secondary head of my dualhead setup, within the Fluxbox slit. The slit is configured to be permanently visible, but sometimes, movies or other useful stuff occupies the secondary head. So in my ~/.fluxbox/keys, I have

# hide/show slit
Mod4 bracketleft :MacroCmd {SetResourceValue session.screen0.slit.autoHide true} {Reconfigure}
Mod4 bracketright :MacroCmd {SetResourceValue session.screen0.slit.autoHide false} {Reconfigure}

and I use win+[ and win+] to show/hide the slit (therefore Conky) quickly.: