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PMG - Password Manager Generator

The easy way to manage your passwords.

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The problem

Comunity Managers: Sys Admins:
Comunity Managers Sys Admins

All of them have a lot of accounts to manage.

The simplest solution:

Use the same password for all our accounts.

PROBLEM: If someone gets our master password, could login in all our accounts.

The safest solution:

Use different passwords for each of our accounts.

PROBLEM: How to save all those passwords?

Save passwords

In a CVS file

CVS File

It is the easiest way to save all our passwords.

PROBLEM: If someone gets our CVS file, could login in all our accounts.

In a encrypted database

Encrypted Database

Now, if someone gets our encrypted database, must also get the password of the database to crack our other passwords.

PROBLEM: Where to store the encrypted database? In localhost? In the cloud?

The ultimate solution: PMG

PMG - Password Manager Generator PMG is a Password Manager Generator:
  • You don't have to save any passwords. They are generated from the account name, the user name, a coordinate of one codes card and a master password.
  • Now, you just have to memorize a master password, and kepp save a semi-random codes card (you can print it and carry in your wallet).

How PMG works?

  1. Enter the account name (eg: Twitter).
  2. Enter the username (eg: hackthonlovers).
  3. Enter one code of a codes card (always the same for the same account and the same user).
  4. Enter the master password.
  • After entering the data, PMG will generate a unique password for that account, that user, that code of the codes card and that master password.
  • PMG doesn't save any data and all is generated locally (using JavaScript in the browser).

Advantages of PMG

Advantages 1
  • Developed in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, so PMG is very portable (future iOS and Android).
  • PMG doesn't save any data in the cloud, everything is generated locally.
  • You only need to remember one master password and have a codes card.
Advantages 2
  • If someone gets the password of an account, do not gets the passwords of others accounts.
  • If someone wants to catch all our passwords needs our master password and our codes card.