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Pass N Play

Problem statement: People need to be entertained in social group settings, in college especially. Social settings can be composed of unfamiliar people looking for something to entertain them, or tight-knit connections just looking to pass the time. There are not enough novel experiences that incorporate devices to support in-person social interaction.

Mission statement: Facilitate social interaction and provide accessible entertainment in small group settings (5-15 people).

Sam Sturtevant (Leader)

  • Design

Sean Campbell

  • Marketing
  • Project/Product Manager

Jordan Freitas

  • Engineer
  • Support

Paul Vaden

  • Engineer
  • Support


  • multiplayer
  • people want a novel experience that incorporates technology
  • technology adds to the experience while supporting social interaction
  • in short sequences of play (accessible) but exapnsive enough to allow for a continuous session