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dorado - Lagrangian particle routing

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Particle routing on Lidar-derived bathymetry

dorado is a Python package for simulating passive Lagrangian particle transport over flow-fields from any 2D shallow-water hydrodynamic model using a weighted random walk methodology.

For user guides and detailed examples, refer to the documentation.

Example Uses:

Particles on an Unsteady ANUGA Flow Field of the Wax Lake Delta


Particles on a DeltaRCM Simulated Delta



dorado supports Python 2.7 as well as Python 3.5+. For the full distribution including examples, clone this repository using git clone and run python install from the cloned directory. To test this "full" installation, you must first install pytest via pip install pytest. Then from the cloned directory the command pytest can be run to ensure that your installed distribution passes all of the unit tests.

For a lightweight distribution including just the core functionality, use pip to install via PyPI:

pip install pydorado

Installation using conda via conda-forge is also supported:

conda install -c conda-forge pydorado

For additional installation options and instructions, refer to the documentation.


We welcome contributions to the dorado project. Please open an issue or a pull request if there is functionality you would like to see or propose. Refer to our contributing guide for more information.


If you use this package and wish to cite it, please use the Journal of Open Source Software article.

Funding Acknowledgments

This work was supported in part by NSF EAR-1719670, the NSF GRFP under grant DGE-1610403 and the NASA Earth Venture Suborbital (EVS) award 17-EVS3-17_1-0009 in support of the DELTA-X project.