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Developers FAQ


Make sure you have the developement dependencies install.

composer install

How do I run the unit tests

  • Configure your test database in app.php datasources section.
  • Run phpunit:
composer test

How do I check the code standards

  • To display the error and warning
composer cs-check
  • To autofix what is fixable
composer cs-fix

How to regenerate the fixtures

sudo su -s /bin/bash -c "./bin/cake PassboltTestData.fixturize default" www-data

How do I contribute to the js application

Clone the appjs repository in a separate folder

git clone

In your passbolt_api folder install the javascript dependencies

npm install

Link the source of passbolt-appjs project to your passbolt_api project

cd node_modules
rm -fr passbolt-appjs
npm link ../../passbolt-appjs
cd ../

Listen to any change on the passbolt-appjs product

grunt appjs-watch

If you want to save the browser refresh operation, and you are aware about the security implication, you can install browser-sync

npm install grunt-browser-sync

Listen to the appjs change and refresh the browser

grunt appjs-watch-browser-sync

How do I contribute to the translation

For contributing to the translations of this repository, you will need to create an account and propose changes at