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+ <h2>WebSockets</h2>
+ <p>In Chrome, you can access WebSockets directly from the worker, just like you would from
+ the main thread.</p>
+ <pre>var mySocket = new WebSocket("...");
+mySocket.onmessage = ...;</pre>
+ <p>In Firefox, WebSockets are not yet available to WebWorkers, so I am developing an helper
+ just like for DOM Storage. Note this does not work yet, and the API may change:</p>
+ <pre>$, protocol, function(socket_id) {
+ // The socket_id is precious, don't lose it, don't overwrite it
+ $.WebSocket.send(socket_id, "some data");
+ $.WebSocket.receive(socket_id, function(data) {
+ // Realtime data from the server!
+ });
+ $.WebSocket.close(socket_id);
+ <h3>Socket.IO</h3>
+ <p>The first core plugin is in development right now! You will be able to use Socket.IO
+ directly from workers using an API closely matching the original one:</p>
+ <pre>$.io.connect('http://localhost', function(socket_id) {
+ var socket = $.io(socket_id);
+ socket.on('news', function (data) {
+ $.send('Log: '+data);
+ socket.emit('my other event', {my: 'data'});
+ });
<h1>More info...</h1>
<p>You can read the source and have a look at the current state of things on
<a href="">GitHub</a>, or fork the repo if
you want to hack around. A few features are in the works, at varying degrees
of completion:</p>
- <li>Clone workers</li>
- <li>Access (a subset of) the DOM asynchronously</li>
- <li>Perform full XHR requests (incl. XML processing, etc)</li>
- <li>Access indexedDB</li>
- <li>Serialize and unserialize workers</li>
- <li>Access WebSockets</li>
+ <li>Clone workers
+ (Bug <a href="">#4</a>)</li>
+ <li>Access (a subset of) the DOM asynchronously
+ (Bug <a href="">#3</a>) (Branch <code>feature-asyncdom</code>)</li>
+ <li>Perform full XHR requests (incl. XML processing, etc)
+ (Bug <a href="">#6</a>)</li>
+ <li>Access indexedDB
+ (Bug <a href="">#2</a>) (Branch <code>feature-indexeddb</code>)</li>
+ <li>Serialize and unserialize workers
+ (Bug <a href="">#5</a>)</li>
+ <li>Access WebSockets on Firefox 7
+ (Bug <a href="">#7</a>) (Branch <code>feature-websockets</code>)</li>
+ <li>Access (plugin)
+ (Bug <a href="">#8</a>)</li>
<p>DynWorker is licensed under <a href="">this MIT license</a>.</p>
<p>The headers' font is <a href="">Passero One</a>

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