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Passpill site

This is the web site of the PassPill project, that aims to share the whole development of a software project.

It's great that you are interested in this app's source code. You are welcome to fork the repo, install it locally and start to play with the code.

What's inside this repo?

The website uses Hugo, a static site generator, to transform its contents written in MarkDown into beautiful HTML pages.

It also uses Gulp to write Sass style rules instead of plain CSS.

Local installation

First install Hugo in your computer. We need at least version 0.36.

Then open your terminal and clone the repo

$ git clone

The you need to install the dependencies

$ cd passpill-site
$ npm install

Hugo comes with a development server to reload the browser on any code change. To run it and also watch changes in scss files run:

$ npm start

Then website will be able in your computer at http://localhost:1313.


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