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Yo! In Flutter.


Basically Yo! written in Flutter. Done in a three hour workshop with people who never used Flutter before 🍻

Lesson 1

  • Clone the project git clone and
  • run it flutter run

Flutter install instructions:

If you have trouble setting up flutter, ask for support

You've finished this lessen if you see

Lesson 2

Create the list layout of your friends. Use the screenshot above as reference.

  1. Create a FriendsPage widget. "Screen" are called "Pages" in Flutter.
  2. Use the ListView.builder widget to show the items. For now, you can use the following data:
final List<Person> friends = [
  Person("aaaa", "Frederik Schweiger", ""),
  Person("bbbb", "Pascal Welsch", ""),
  Person("cccc", "Georg Bednorz", ""),
  Person("dddd", "Seth Ladd", ""),
  Person("eeee", "Tim Sneath", ""),

Lesson 3

Build the login screen with scoped_model

Lesson 4

Setup firebase

  • Create Android and iOS apps.
  • Enable Google Authentication
  • Deploy firebase functions

Lesson 5

Show real users form firebase

Lesson 6

Send push notifications


  • You won't see a notification if the app is in foreground
  • Test on a real device, not the emulator/simulator

How to build the app

Are you in a hurry and just want to check out the end-result on your phone? In the releases tab you will find a precompiled APK to download 🚀

If you would like to compile the code and run the app on your machine, you will have to create a new Firebase project and make sure to add the following files:

  1. Create a new firebase project
  2. Register the ios and android application

On Android, register the SHA-1 of your local certificate to Firebase to make Google Sign-In work.

keytool -exportcert -list -v \ -alias androiddebugkey -keystore ~/.android/debug.keystore

and download the firebase configuration files to

  • ios/Runner/GoogleService-Info.plist
  • android/app/google-services.json
  1. Setup Firebase Authentication: Go to Develop -> Authentication and set up sign-in method

On iOS you need to edit ios/Runner/Info.plist and paste in your REVERSED_CLIENT_ID.

Last but not least you will have to deploy the Cloud Function inside the firebase folder and replace the URL inside the home_page.dart file. And voilà, you are all set!


Please note that this code is not production ready, it should just show how quick you could build a million dollar app for Android and iOS 😉

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