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Each time a Pass is installed inside a wallet an Registration event is stored inside the Passworks database.

Each Registration represents an active pass installed inside a wallet so the number of Registrations can change between API requests as users install and remove passes from their wallets.

Registrations are a powerful tool to gatherer insights about the wallets type and operation systems where passes are installed.

Passworks supports the following wallets:

Wallet Name Wallet ID URL
Apple Wallet passbook
Android Pay google_wallet
Wallet Passes wallet_passes
Passworks Wallet* passworks_wallet
Pass2U Wallet pass2u
PassWallet passwallet
  • Passworks Wallet has been deprecated in favor of Wallet Passes.

Registrations per campaign

You can retrieve all registrations for a given campaign (campaign_id) by calling the following endpoint:

GET /v2/<campaign_type>/<campaign_id>/registrations

The campaign_type is one of the following available campaign types: coupons, event_tickers, boarding_passes, generics, store_cards

Registrations per pass

You can also retrieve all registrations tied to specific pass using the following endpoint:

GET /v2/<campaign_type>/<campaign_id>/passes/<pass_id>/registrations

Example of registrations response

Calling the campaign registrations or the pass registrations yields a response with the same format.

Here is an example of calling the registrations for a Coupon campaign


From the example bellow you can see that this campaign as 3 installed passes, two are installed on the "Apple Wallet" (passbook, see the "wallet" attribute) and the third pass is installed on an Android device using the WalletPasses wallet (wallet_passes).

    "id": "ed2951b4-1127-4a96-a2b1-8a73adb4b2db",
    "pass_id": "22d5b0ed-cc82-4743-a4fb-ee655d928037",
    "wallet": "passbook",
    "device_os": "ios",
    "created_at": "2016-11-09T11:09:00.745Z"
    "id": "01ff7401-ba48-4bc4-90ab-714dac0971fd",
    "pass_id": "b50a5348-27c5-40de-ae4a-5d8436284d65",
    "wallet": "passbook",
    "device_os": "ios",
    "created_at": "2016-11-09T11:11:29.498Z"
    "id": "fe9c5b7a-fd1e-49fd-8467-cd010c28b481",
    "pass_id": "b50a5348-27c5-40de-ae4a-5d8436284d65",
    "wallet": "wallet_passes",
    "device_os": "android",
    "created_at": "2016-11-09T14:29:11.651Z"